The Midwest Bat Hub is the Midwest region’s home base for data collection for the North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat). The Hub works to increase our knowledge of North America’s bat populations for enhanced conservation and management practices in this region and beyond. Find out more about us.

Join us!

Would you like to start monitoring bats in your area? Great! The Midwest Bat Hub has the equipment you need to monitor bats. We will guide you through the process of deploying and maintaining a bat detector. Learn more on our volunteers page. Who knows what species of bats fly in your area? Soon you will!

Do you already have data on bat monitoring in the Midwest? Great! The NABat Partner Portal includes data on stationary and mobile acoustic data, internal hibernacula counts, and emergence counts. We can guide you through the process of uploading your data to the database. Data from all years and from any location are welcome!

Contact us to learn how you can contribute!